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 Ezekial Longspur
  A: "Rollin' Down the Highway"

  B: "Cloud Rider"

 Stan Collins
  A: "An American's View of Canada"

Ray Gooliak
  B: "Jack McGrew"

  A: "You Got Me Anyway"

  B: "Who Can Blame You"

 Stone's Crossing
  A: "No Contest"

  B: "Wedding Day"

  A: "I Get High"

  B: "Fear"

  A: "Hell's Fire"

  B: "Baby Blue"

 Little Murray & the 'Mantics
  A: "Don't Leave Me, Mama"

  B: "Goddess Above"

 Mr. Feelgood
  A: "Fool Number Two"

  B: "Everybody's Talking About It"

 Match I
  A: "People Do Not Change"

  B: "(Life's Like a) Keyhole"

 Match II
  A: "Make A Little Wine"

  B: "Incident"

  A: "Paper With Lines"

  B: "Annie Porpoise Song"

  A: "That Same Song You Sing"

  B: "Citizen"

 John L. Riley
  A: "Dreams Of a Dreamer"

  B: "Sweet Memories"

 Special Delivery
  A: "Big Brown Eyes"

  B: "Gloria"

 Charlie Crosby
  A: "Baby, I Know"

  B: "A Good Friend Is So Hard To Find"

 Funk St. Workshop
  A: "The Erroll Flynn - I"

  B: "The Erroll Flynn - II"

 Jim Hubler
  A: "Big Bruce, the Big Blue Spruce"

  B: "All I Want For X'mas Is a C.B."

 Kevin Stonerock
  A: "Isn't It Nice To Dream"

  B: "To The Mill House"

  A: "Follow Me"

  B: "Won't Bow My Head"

 The Beatsters
  A: "Merseybeat"

  B: "Take Me Into Your Heart"

 The Memories Band
  A: "Midnight Hour"

  B: "Only You"

  A: "Sharkbait"

  B: "Wasted Nights"

  A: "Watch Out"

  B: "Pay The Price"

 Bob Arnold
  A: "Family Of Love"

  B: "Fly Away"

 Poor Richard
  A: "Justa Rock'n Roll"

  B: "Supposed To Love"

 David Fuqua
  A: "Sunny Day Lady"

  B: "Only You"

 Norm Crail
  A: "Gettin' High"

  B: "Street Lady"

  A: "Three Cheers For My Baby"

  B: "Lord, Help Me"

 Love Machine
  A: "Tell Me"

  B: "Dunlop Song"

 Lights Of Dawn
  A: "Ooo-Wee"

  B: "I Hope It's Me"

 Funk St. Workshop
  A: "Git On Up"

  B: "Girl I Know What You're Thinking"

<<   Welcome to the home of 700 West Studios!   >>
Between 1972 and 1983 dozens of singles and albums were recorded at Moe Whittemore's New Palestine, Indiana 700 West Studios.

Today, many of these records sell amongst collectors for hundreds of dollars. You, however, may browse through the catalog and listen to some tracks here, for free!

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Sat Jun 6 07:04:05 PDT 2015

  • Nuvo Magazine: 700 West's Moe Whittemore gets reissue
  • The extremely rare Mo album has ben re-released by Anazitisi Records with bonus track!
    Fri May 23 21:44:59 PDT 2014

  • Added track listing and updated audio to Amnesty's Free Your Mind
  • Added images and audio excerpt to Lights Of Dawn
  • Updated Photos section
  • Added Dan Mobley track listing
  • Uploaded audio for [listen to Colorado]Dan Mobley - Colorado
  • Added Moe Whittemore 2013 Interview
  • Added [listen to Interview] - Interview (12.51) (2010) - Dan Modlin interviews Moe Whittemore
    Sat Mar 3 07:55:46 PST 2012

    Tho't u all'd get a kick out of my interview in the latest NUVO alternate rag. It was supposed to show up in the print edition featuring "local labels", but they didn't have the room for it - hence the online link.... The original interview was done by Kyle Long at my place around '06. (The problem with the local labels feature in the print version is the groups/studio/labels only go back to about 1998. By then, nothing much was left of the 'golden age' of the Indy music scene!)

    Anyway, just click around the link below to check out the article and its various musical downloads. Deeper browsing within the article will reveal other NUVO reviews about 700 West that I didn't know existed!

    Local copy of the 2012 Nuvo article.

    Take care, Moe

    Sat Mar 3 08:22:25 PST 2012

    Great article BUT justice could only be served by real time spent down that long gravel lane.

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and Avast ye swabs...... Give 'em a broadside Bonney!!

    Ah how I love to think back to those days.... Moe's laughing demands to "get out of the chord dammit!" The goats calling my name in the middle of the night. Those "homemade" devices and sound effects some of which were suspiciously similar to f*rts. Moe's shrieks of panic as Marshall amplifiers rolled down the stairwell. Swords clanking, wine brewing, lectures on Hindu monks squatting in the Ganges. Laughing, trudging, breaking down wooden platforms in the living room, dragged there on top of rusty Delta 88's. Invitations from Bloomington studios to recording seminars and Moe's reply, "do you want me to attend it or teach it??!" The smart ass remarks and comments honed to perfection and strangers asking "is he kidding or serious?" to which I would reply, "no, he is Moe".

    To many who passed by that little path running between two slightly larger little paths, it was no doubt just a dark and mysterious cut between a cornfield and a woods but to those of us who did time there it was so much more and forever changed our lives and hopefully they will release me soon.

    May there be a 700 West and a Moford in every filthy scoundrels life.

    Jay Wilfong

    700 West artist J Michael Henderson profile on
    "PM Magazine" Indianapolis with Tom Cochrun (1980)
    M.J. Whittemore Jr and the studio interior appears at 6:10 (yeah, that's a U47!)

    It's Here..
    Vol. 1 of the "Best of 700 West"!

    Buy the CD
    album cover
    click to order

    More about the release here..

    << Auxiliary Materials >>

    Mo - First Album (1976)
    cover 1. An Ebay seller's review (March, 2003)
        Here we have a LIMITED PRESS LP (200 COPIES ONLY)...

    2. www.indiana45s.com review
        Moe Whittemore's first and only album on his own...

    3. 2006-02-11 eBay auction
        eBay auction comments (reserve of $199 was not...

    Primevil - Smokin' Bats At Campton's (1974)
    cover 1. Period Photographs of Primevil
        Dave Campton (18) Jay Wilfong (20) Mel Cupp (15):...

    2. www.indiana45s.com review
        Produced in 1974 at Moe Whittemore's 700 West...

    Scott And Modlin - The Train Don't Stop Here Anymore (1976)
    cover 1. RIDE THE COUNTY ROAD (MOE'S SONG) - 2004
        Dan Modlin 2004 ASCAP Download You had to know...

    Kevin Stonerock - Day Before Tomorrow (1978)
    cover 1. Kevin Stonerock's thoughts, March 1999
        A FEW THOUGHTS ABOUT 700 WEST By Kevin Stonerock...

    2. Review - Indianapolis News, 3 March 1979
        Lend me your ear By ZACH DUNKIN Kevin Stonerock...

    3. Review - Guitar Player, June 1979
        Kevin Stonerock, Day Before Tomorrow, 700 West...

    4. Review - The Indianapolis Entertainer, 28 August,...
        Review "Day Before Tomorrow" is a calming,...

    5. Review - Tri-County News, 21 March 1979
        Tri-County News, 21 March 1979 Music Career On...

    6. Period Photograph of Kevin in the studio
        Kevin Stonerock in the studio

    Zerfas - Zerfas (1973)
    cover 1. "Factual Ramblings of a Man Driven by The Love Of...
        The closure of this re-issue project comes nearly...

    2. Moe's Original Studio Session Notes
        (1994 re-issue) Want some Zerfas trivia? The...

    3. "A Soul Tormented by Contemporary Music Finds a...
        (1994 re-issue) Record collecting, in one form or...

    4. An excellent lysergia.com review
        ZERFAS: Zerfas (700 West, US 1973) Rating: 10 out...

    Various Artists - Best Of 700 West - Volume I (2004)
    cover 1. Indy Spins -- Best of 700 West & Hipster Zero
        Indy Spins -- Best of 700 West & Hipster Zero CD...

    Amnesty - Free Your Mind (2007)
    cover 1. PBS 106.7FM - Real Radio - Amnesty - Free Your...
        Long relegated to various rarity compilations,...

    Visitors' recent comments for this page [Read all 28 comments] [Add your own]
    zerfas photos
    corvidconcentric[at]-remove-gmail.com - tyler indian santa fe, nm
    10May2009 10:52 PM (6 years 201 days ago)
    do you have any photos of zerfas? my uncle mark was in the band. i have a memory of being at the farm, transfixed by all the gear set up!
    iwantvinyl[at]-remove-gmail.com - james
    12Oct2008 7:10 AM (7 years 47 days ago)
    Cool website. I found an original copy of Primevil LP in a thrift store a couple of years ago which I didn't expect since I live in the Pacific Northwest. Records can still be found anywhere. Great lp.
    For your In Memoriam Section
    bluntforcetrauma[at]-remove-att.net - Rick Jones- Edinburgh, Indiana
    19Feb2008 10:55 PM (7 years 282 days ago)
    In the late 80's I played in Larry Bryant's band. He recorded an album with you in 1976. His albums have been re-released as cd's. I engineered and recorded his second record.

    Larry and his wife Linda both passed away in the early 90's while still in their early 50's.

    They always had a good word about your work. Please add them to your memorial page.

    Rick Jones
    terrypowerz[at]-remove-yahoo.com - Terry Powers Westfield,IN
    29Sep2007 10:02 PM (8 years 60 days ago)
    In trying to find information on a band from my youth I came across this amazing site!
    It is such a wealth of information that I was not aware of.
    I saw Jack Phelan mentioned (a life long friend) and it brought back memories of seeing him perform with his daughter Susan shortly before his passing...
    If anyone can help... I am trying to obtain a copy (either physical or digital) of the Buccaneer release. I saw the show in Indianapolis as well as HAD the album at the time and I am yearning to hear the work again!
    Feel free to email me at terrypowerz[at]-remove-yahoo.com
    Thank you for keeping the history of possibly the finest musical era of Indy alive!
    Primevil Memories
    jos229[at]-remove-sbcglobal.net - Jeff stephenson
    7Sep2007 3:01 PM (8 years 83 days ago)
    Hi, I just located this awesome
    site. I remember the guys, the music, the late nights, the great band Primevil. I knew these guys pretty well, I was a roadie with them for a few years in the mid 70's.
    My name is listed in the credits simply as Jeff, along with a couple of my good friends that helped also.

    We worked for free just to be around such good musicians and to learn as much as I could.

    I was with the band at Moe's studio during various sessions when all kinds of erratic events would take place.( Yes there is a fart mixed in on the album as Jay mentioned in his blog.)

    I went on to work with Jay at the music store making speaker cabinets that became the Dr. Fong line. I also was involved in some of the thought process and the beginning of the construction of staging for Jay's secret project.

    Simply put, we worked hard at touring regionally in the midwest, but Primevil should have been touring nationally.

    I was still in school and it was so cool to hear Mike Griffin play Pretty Women on WNAP Radio during shop class and then tell my buddies where the gigs were that weekend.

    Greetings to all of the people of the Primevil family. I am very much looking forward to the re-release of "Smokin' Bats At Campton,s". In the meantime I still have (2)copies of the original.

    I would like to catch up Jay and anybody else from this era. My e-mail is jos229[at]-remove-sbcglobal
    Long Lost Recordings???
    specktron[at]-remove-sbcglobal.net - Jon Dembroski
    14Mar2007 11:22 AM (8 years 260 days ago)

    Jon Dembroski here. I don't know if you remember me. I think I did some recording with you but am not sure. I worked with Jay Wilfong for quite a while, and played in J.D. Redmond's Band, also subbed for John Whittemore at Franklin Place occasionally. That's where I met Jimmy Guilford. I then played with Jimmy at a few other places. Anyways, I have my own studio now and am getting ready to record some new songs with Jimmy. Jimmy said he remembers having done some stuff at 700 west with a group called "Three Way Street". It was for a movie that never happened so I don't know if it was ever released. Group included Mingo Jones (or possibly Jack Phelan), Danny Smith, Errol Grandy, and Jimmy. Produced and paid for by Greg Callahan. Do you still have access to any of that stuff? What we're really after is Errol Grandy's stuff. I have the only known recordings of Errol except for the ones you may have. I am trying to come up with enough material to release something. Any help would be appreciated. Jimmy would also like to talk with you. Thanks,

    Jon Dembroski

    Jimmy's phone number is still 317-251-1603
    Just to say Hi
    rasjohns[at]-remove-indiana.edu - Steve Johnson, Bloomington IN
    29Jan2007 11:24 AM (8 years 304 days ago)
    Hi Moe, just ran across your website. I'm a bass player in Bloomington and used to work in Tommy Wills' road bands a lot with your brother John in the '80s. I saw John a while back at Bill Overman's 80th birthday party where we both performed, but he cut out after the first set and I lost him. He used to talk about you all the time when we were on the road. One of my fondest memories was a gig we played in Quincy, Illinois and we had a night off. It was raining all day and we were sitting around the motel watching ESPN2 where these guys were racing these giant three wheeled ATVs which have since been outlawed because so many guys got killed. (But I digress.) John's sitting in his bathrobe at about 2 p.m. smoking cigarettes and drinking beer (totally decadent) and looks up and sez, "Steve, do you realize we're watching grown men ride tricycles in the mud in the name of SPORT!?!" Perfect moment and a quote for the ages.

    It got so boring there that Bill Witherington (trombone) came in with a magic marker and started drawing more birds on the paintings in the room 'til soon they looked like the Alfred Hitchcok movie (but I digress once more).

    Anyway, good to see your site and maybe we'll run across each other sometime.
    An enquiry
    raanan78[at]-remove-gmail.com - Ra'anan Chelled, Israel
    16Jan2007 8:04 AM (8 years 317 days ago)
    Hello dear people of 700 west,

    My name is Ra'anan Chelled and I'm a writer from Israel. I am currently in the process of writing a book called "Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars" - a book documenting the best 100 obscured rock bands from the years 68-75. I am happy to report that the legendary Zerfas have been chosen to be one of those 100 bands thanks to their immaculate album.
    The book is schedueled for a local publishing only (atleast in the meantime) and will be published privately in small quantity. I am doing this out of love for the music and for the opportunity to expose readers to great bands they had no idea existed prior to that.

    I have a small request from you: I would like to use the Zerfas album cover to illustrate my book (There will be a few full color pages presenting the albums cover art). I need your permission to do that since you hold the rights for that album.

    Bests wishes,
    Ra'anan Chelled
    Ist session at 700 West
    gtrgeoff[at]-remove-aol.com - Geoff W. - Oakland CA
    16Feb2006 5:28 PM (9 years 285 days ago)
    My first recording session was 1978, for Charlie Crosby's single. Wow,almost 30 years ago. I remember Mo's glaring at me as I layed down a lousy guitar solo - he was right! Charlie & I came back a week later & re-cut. Best of luck - wonder what happened to Chalie?
    tnsportsman[at]-remove-comcast.net - Mount Juliet, TN
    3Jan2006 3:58 PM (9 years 329 days ago)
    Jay Wilfong (Dr. Fong) is a mind-blowing musician. All 8 tracks on Smokin' Bats At Campton's are insane, but, by far, "Your Blues" portrays the band's skills best. It is truly a Blues-Rock masterpiece on all counts. I live in TN and got the album through Jay's son. He (The Doctor) still plays without limitation. Dr. Fong is writing music and running a blues jam down here in TN. To many here in and around the Music City, he is a living legend, myself included. ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER!!!

    -John, 17, TN

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